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To help as many people as possible in their efforts to create habitat for plants, animals, and humans alike, we copied the content below to the front end of our website under the Resources page. 

Please be advised that this page was last updated on 11/23/2020, and more/newer content may be available on the Resources page.


Backyard Habitat Program Resources

Soil and Water Conservation Districts

Soil and Water Conservation Districts are amazing resources for educational materials and events, technical assistance, financial support, and much more. Check out their websites to learn what they may be able to offer you: 

Workshops, Classes, and More

Incentives, Discounts and Financial Support

  • Small Grants for Backyard Habitats and Community Projects – resource list by Backyard Habitat Certification Program
  • Chip Drop – resource for FREE wood chips
  • Friends of Trees – website for non-profit tree planting organization offering free or discounted native trees for planting strips and yards. Use promo code Native100 to receive your free native tree. 
  • Treebate – City of Portland rebate program for yard trees 
  • Treefund – City of Vancouver rebate program for yard trees
  • Don’t forget to use the coupons to local nurseries that are in your resource packet!

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Nuisance Weed General Resources

  • East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District – website with extensive information on nuisance weeds, including a portal for reporting particularly problematic species
  • Invasive Plants of Portland Poster – City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services invasive weeds poster
  • Weedwise – website for Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation Districts’ robust invasive weed program, packed with valuable info.
  • Tualatin Weed Watchers Workshop – recorded workshop providing an intro to noxious plant controls, review of the weeds of greatest concern in the Tualatin Watershed, and ways you can help report noxious plant infestations. 



Native Plant Nurseries

Plant Lists

How to Guides 

  • Naturscaping Presentation – slideshow by East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District.
  • Sheet Mulching To Remove Lawn – handout by East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District.
  • Grow Your Own Native Landscape – illustrated guide to growing your own PNW native plants. Be sure to cross-reference with Portland Plant List to determine which are locally native by Washington State University Extension.
  • Watershed Approach to Landscape Design – presentation, holistic resource for developing a successful naturescaping project. Soil health, appropriate plants and much more by Green Gardens Group. 
  • Collecting And Using Your Own Wildflower Seed – illustrated report providing in-depth info on collection methods, timing, and much more by Xerces Society.
  • Hardwood Propagation From Cuttings – handout with basic information on species and methods for propagation (by Backyard Habitat Certification Program).
  • Native Plant Propagation – guide with more in-depth instruction for propagating native plants from hardwood cuttings by WSU Extension.
  • Conserving Oregon White Oak on Urban and Suburban Landscapes – local how-to-guide for landscaping with White Oak by Mark Griswold Wilson and Ted Labbe.
  • Meadowscaping Handbook – colorful book outlining locally-specific best practices for designing and installing a native meadow by West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District.
  • The Meadow Project – website promoting people to transition lawns to meadowscapes. Note – this is a general/national resource for inspiration. Be sure to select and source locally native plants.
  • Native Hedgerows – handout with basic info for selecting native hedgerow plants by East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District.

Landscape Designs

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Volunteer Training (2020): 

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