Urban Ecosystems LLC: Jason Raschke

(503) 481-6864
Category(s): Contractor
Servicing: Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas Counties

Urban Ecosystems LLC is a professional landscape design, installation, maintenance, and restoration firm. We have been providing sustainable Landscaping Solutions in Portland since 1994, and offer an array of services ranging from Invasive Weed Removal & Plantings to landscape construction. We specialize in Naturescapes, Natives, Edible Landscapes, and Permaculture Design. We strive to create beautiful, usable, and functional landscapes that provide our clients with an abundance of food & herbs while restoring habitat and ecosystem services to the urban environment. We create magical spaces and garden structures, including treehouses; cobble mosaic, flagstone, and paver patios & walkways; rock walls; custom Cedar decks, raised veggie beds, & fencing; raingardens & Ecoroofs; and outdoor rooms. Our goal is to connect our clients with the world and their landscape while providing a place of Solace, entertainment, and relaxation. Please give us a call today to transform your landscape! LCB # 7792


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The Green Seed: Emily L Booth

(503) 490-6340
Category(s): Contractor
Servicing: Multnomah and Clackamas Counties

The Green Seed is a small family-owned sustainable landscape design+build company. We design and install with sustainability as one of our core values. We are big advocates of using native plants which are incorporated into every design. Many of these plants are grown in our own nursery which is Certified Naturally Grown which means no synthetic chemicals or fertilizers are used in the production of our plants. In addition to native plants, we grow a wide variety of other non-invasive, drought-tolerant plants to create many beautiful colors, forms, and textures in your landscape. While plants are our passion we can also design other elements of your landscape such as patios, paths, garden boxes, trellises, etc. Emily has a background in art and multimedia design, so your plans will be unique with many hand-drawn elements. Austin has a degree in natural resources from OSU and has worked a variety of jobs related to habitat restoration and native plant care. He has been a birder for nearly 20 years and is passionate about the conservation of our native wildlife species. Together Emily and Austin’s training and experience make The Green Seed uniquely qualified to create your backyard habitats.

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Root Connection: Jon Dempster

(541) 908-6734
Category(s): Contractor and Design
Servicing: Multnomah, Washington, Clark, and Clackamas Counties

Root Connection is a landscape design and construction company focused on creating balanced spaces where people and their communities (plants, birds, insects, mammals, water, and soil) interact in healing ways. Our systems thrive and generate abundance for the community using native, naturalized, and edible plants without the addition of synthetic chemicals. In fostering these diverse communities, more diversity is attracted in the soil and above the ground, creating systems that are resilient to change. Let’s start co-creating your healing space today.

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Garden Stories: James Wilson

(503) 334-3536
Category(s): Design/Build Contractor
Servicing: Multnomah, Washington, Clark, and Clackamas Counties

Garden Stories is a Portland-area landscape design/build company creating gardens and outdoor spaces within the context of client, region, neighborhood, and budget. We create designs that are unique to your site, and unique to the industry at large. We have a strong background in ecological systems and we aim to create a new standard in aesthetic and sustainable landscape design. We also just really love plants, and plant communities, and are passionate about making them the primary role in the landscape. If you are interested in creating a more ecologically beneficial landscape that is well-planned and beautiful throughout the seasons, please don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your ideas. We design install rain gardens, edible gardens, native gardens, dry gardens, echo-lawns, natural meadows and more. We provide fine gardening and care services, including ornamental and fruit tree pruning, IPM and organic pest control, general plant care and garden evaluations. LCB # (9161)

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Common Sense Gardens: Denissia Withers

(501) 501-6698
Category(s): Contractor
Servicing: Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington counties

Common Sense Garden designs are inspired by permaculture design principles that focus on the relationship between people, places, and plants. We use permaculture assessments and client feedback to help you create garden spaces that make sense for your lifestyle at your home or workspace. The design process includes client education, place-based design (using native, ornamental and mixed plant guilds) and site-specific remedies that result in a unique landscaping experience. See the portfolio of projects on our website to learn more about specific projects completed over the past few years www.commonsensegardens.com

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Ground Up Services: Craig De La Fe

(503) 774-8075
Category(s): Maintenance, Install, and Contractor
Servicing: Multnomah and Clackamas Counties

Operating from Milwaukie since 1997, we’ve strived for excellence in both Scheduled Maintenance and Landscape Installations. Whether you’re installing a few plants or revamping a whole property, we’d love to help turn your vision or design into reality. Licensed in all phases of Landscaping including irrigation: LCB # 9422

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Earth Ecology: Nick Lake

(858) 774-7900
Category(s): Design, Maintenance, and Contractor
Servicing: Multnomah, Clark, and Clackamas Counties

Earth Ecology, LLC supports inspired landowners to design and craft holistic and resilient native and edible landscapes and large scale sacred land sculptures through personal earth stewardship coaching, holistic design, and artful installation. From broad acre regenerative agriculture to backyard habitat gardens, Earth Ecology strives to support the ripples of growth of healthy lands and healthy communities. WA # Earthel843j2, OR LCB #9872.

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Blessing Landscapes: Jesse Brough

(503) 284-3557
Category(s): Design, Maintenance, and Install
Servicing: Multnomah, Clark, Clackamas, and Washington Counties

Blessing Landscapes offers residential and commercial landscape design services, custom installations, outdoor lighting, irrigation and maintenance services in the greater Portland Area. Our team specializes in creating beautiful, sustainable, water-wise and low-maintenance landscape solutions that fit your lifestyle and budget. Our emphasis on customer service ensures that your project goes smoothly from initial consultation to completion. Our goal is to improve the quality of you life and make a positive environmental impact through your yard. Let us help you create a beautiful garden that is environmentally responsible and supports our urban wildlife.

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Blossom: Todd Blossom

(503) 837-3557
Category(s): Design, Maintenance, and Install
Servicing: Multnomah, Clark, Clackamas, and Washington counties

Blossom has been designing and creating landscapes in Portland for almost 20 years. We specialize in ecological design, edible landscaping, permaculture design, and sustainable stormwater management. By working largely with native plants and plant communities, we create landscapes well adapted to your home here in the Willamette Valley bioregion. This means our landscapes are not only beautiful but thrive in Portland’s climate, support local wildlife populations, and require less care. After we bring your vision to life, our maintenance team can continue caring for your landscape. We offer design, installation and maintenance services for your landscape, as well as your home. Visit our website or get in touch today to schedule a free consultation!

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Terraccord Landscapes: John Movius

(503) 877-3412
Category(s): Contractor
Servicing: Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties

Terraccord specializes in water-wise lawn alternatives that are anchored in NW native plants: providing year-round color, as well as sustenance for local pollinators and wildlife. We pride ourselves on the creative use of recycled materials and vibrant, multi-layered planting designs that incorporate at-risk and endangered plants. Project management, design/build, contracting, and maintenance services offered. Lic# 9089.

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J. Walter Landscape and Irrigation: Jaylene J. Walter

(503) 283-2154
Category(s): Contractor
Servicing: Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties

We are a woman-owned landscape and irrigation company in business since 1993 specializing in soil preparation and drainage issues. We are dedicated to nature’s beauty with sustainability in mind and in practice. Lic#8456

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Amaranth Organic Gardening: Marc Willwerth

(503) 327-4871
Category(s): Contractor
Servicing: Multnomah County

Every garden is an opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Amaranth Organic Gardening approaches garden creation differently than other landscapers and garden designers. We utilize the concepts of Matrix Planting and Slow Design. Our extensive background in garden maintenance has led us to design gardens where the plants lead the way. By following nature’s intelligence we create harmonious plant communities using predominantly herbaceous layered plantings. This has allowed the gardens we create to get out of the endless loop of repetitive maintenance and resource intensive inputs.

Specializing in planting design and garden creation/rejuvenation, we are an all organic company using no pesticides/herbicides or fungicides of any kind (except Sluggo, because no one wants slugs on their lettuce). Amaranth Organic Gardening is a certified Ecobiz and Oregon Tilth Accredited Organic Land Care Practitioners.

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Sense of Place Permaculture, LLC: Nick Bezzerides

(971) 344-0810
Category(s): Contractor, Arborist, and Designer.
Servicing: Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties

Offering innovative and integrated solutions for natural resource conservation, wildlife habitat, tree care, subsistence and market food production, and household sustainability. Design, build and maintain. New for 2020—Steam weeding service–kill weeds with steam instead of backbreaking labor or toxic chemicals—call for an estimate. Now offsetting a portion of business CO2 emissions with biochar. Ask us how this product can improve your soil and sequester carbon. EcoBiz certified business, ISA Certified Arborist (#MW4383A) and Tree Risk Assessment Qualified, and fully licensed and insured (ORLCB#8795).

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