Landscape Design

Landscape Professionals

Are you considering hiring a landscape professional to design, install and/or maintain your backyard habitat? Use our professional Landscaper Directory! Each of these listed professionals understands our certification criteria, specializes in native landscaping, and will be an excellent resource for your project. As with hiring any professional, we recommend you research the individual’s focus areas and qualifications to find the best fit for your project.


Landscape contractors provide bidding and construction services. Some contractors provide both design and construction. Contractors have varying types and degrees of technical knowledge. Some contractors provide a wide range of construction services, while some specialize in irrigation, earthwork, hardscape, or landscaping.

Amaranth Organic Gardening: Marc Willwerth

(503) 327-4871

Every Garden is an opportunity to reconnect with Nature. Gardens are a language we use to communicate directly with the natural world.  Amaranth Organic Gardening provides for any or all of your Garden’s needs from design to construction and maintenance. We specialize in holistic approaches and attention to detail. Olcb #9014

Apogee Landscapes LLC: Michael LaCasa

(503) 312-1811

Specializing in all aspects of sustainable landscaping including; design, installation, and maintenance. Apogee is EcoBiz

Independence Gardens: Karen Wolfgang

(503) 929-7170

Our mission: We help people create better relationships with their natural and built environments. Our services: organic land care, edible garden coaching and maintenance, and sustainable home and landscape construction projects – from fences and decks to full remodels.

J. Walter Landscape and Irrigation Contractor: Jaylene J. Walter

(503) 283-5154 

We are a woman-owned landscape and irrigation company in business since 1993 specializing in soil preparation and drainage issues. We are dedicated to nature’s beauty with sustainability in mind and in practice. Lic#8456

PGM Landscape & Construction: John Gawlista

(503) 206-5900

In business since 1994, John Gawlista has served as both president of the Oregon Landscape Contractors Association (OLCA) and as Chair of the Oregon Landscape Contractor’s Board (OLCB).  PGM is a full-service landscape design, installation, maintenance and construction company specializing in sustainable northwest landscapes with a focus on year-round seasonal interest, habitat-friendly plants, and edibles. PGM promotes responsible landscape stewardship through collaboration with like-minded designers and local vendors. We can also provide in-house design services and consultation.  If you can dream it, PGM can build it – we bring design to life!

Terraccord Landscapes: John Movius

(503) 877-3412

Terraccord specializes in water-wise lawn alternatives that are anchored in NW native plants: providing year-round color, as well as sustenance for local pollinators and wildlife. We pride ourselves on creative use of recycled materials and vibrant, multi-layered planting designs that incorporate at-risk and endangered plants. Project management, design/build, contracting, and maintenance services offered. Lic#9089

The Green Seed LLC: Emily & Austin Booth

(503) 490-6340

The Green Seed is small family owned eco-friendly landscaping business in the Montavilla Neighborhood serving the Portland Metro Area. They take an environmentally conscious approach to landscaping by utilizing techniques to create beautiful gardens without the use of synthetic chemicals. We are advocates of using native plants in landscaping and removal of invasive species. Austin has a degree in natural resources from OSU and has worked a variety of jobs related to habitat restoration and native plant care. He has been a birder for 15 years and is passionate about conservation of our native wildlife species. His training and experience makes The Green Seed uniquely qualified to create and maintain your backyard habitats.

Treecology Inc: Mariano Masolo

(503) 804-7868

Treecology strives to create a world where trees, wildlife and humans live in harmony through the practices of arboriculture and restoration ecology. Our team of Certified Arborists, Restoration Ecologists and Landscape professionals are dedicated to the science and art of preserving trees, planting new ones and creating beautiful and sustainable landscapes. We can take your project, big or small, from design to construction to maintenance. We work in urban back yards and natural areas to create the habitat you want and the habitat they use. Treecology is fully licensed.

Urban Ecosystems: Jason Rashke

(503) 481-6864

Sustainable Landscapes from Concept to Completion.  Urban Ecosystems is an Oregon certified Eco-biz specializing in landscape design, construction, restoration, and maintenance. Founder Jason Raschke has been helping homeowners customize green solutions for the urban environment since 1994.The Urban Ecosystems team focuses on sustainable and ecologically sound practices, techniques, and products to create landscapes that are both beautiful and ecologically functional. Our goal is to connect clients to the natural world by crafting landscapes that provide food, useable items, space for entertaining, and meditative retreat while restoring habitat to share with the numerous other life forms. Whether you have a small yard or large farm, Urban Ecosystems can transform your land into a functional and sustainable oasis!

Design + Maintenance

Landscape maintenance contractors may specialize in maintenance or may also provide construction or design services. Maintenance services normally provide mowing, weeding, pruning, weed control using varying methods, mulching, and irrigation adjustment and winterization.

Pride & Joy Landscape: Ann Rad

(503) 395-7880

Pride & Joy landscape specializes in designing creating beautiful spaces to better suit each individual’s needs. We emphasize permaculture methodologies, native plants and biodiversity. Whether you want to overhaul your yard, rearrange an existing design, or create something completely new; we are here to help.


An informal title used for individuals with a broad spectrum of abilities and backgrounds. These people may or may not have any formal training, but often will have taken a program at the community college level in landscape design and have lots of practical gardening experience. Most specialize in planting design, but this is not a rule.

Branch Out Landscape Design LLC: Sarah Lowles

(503) 708-5653

Designer Sarah Lowles incorporates clients’ wants and needs into creative, carefully-planned landscape designs specific to their sites. She draws on education in horticulture, design, sustainability and the latest trends in hardscapes, plants, rain-water management, and exterior décor to create a plan tailored for you. Branch Out encourages environmentally friendly practices and materials in its work to help clients beautify their gardens.

Calendula Garden Design: Karen Schwartz

(503) 284-4059

Karen specializes in creating beautiful spaces that are alive and inviting to birds, pollinators and other wildlife.  She provides guidance with the certification process and can design a habitat friendly garden whether you are starting with a blank slate or have a well-established garden and need help with editing.  Design emphasis on year round interest, low maintenance, drought tolerance and integration of edible and native plants.  Available for consultation, design and plant sourcing.  Services are tailored to your budget.

Design with Nature: Lora Price

(503) 453-0448

Specializing in sustainable landscape design, organic horticulture and permaculture, Lora will collaborate with you to create a home or community space that is more ecologically resilient and bio-diverse. Designing with nature includes enriching soil life, filtering rain water runoff, conserving water use, and creating floral, edible and nesting habitats for birds, beneficial insects and wildlife, while also creating a low maintenance garden that is beautifully functional year round – a tangible and rewarding way to truly make a difference!

Habitat Concepts: Dennis O’Connor

(503) 317-6553

We are a landscape design company that specializes in native, low water using landscapes that provide stormwater management/treatment, habitat value for wildlife and provides year round interest and joy. Specialties include rain gardens, vertical living walls, erosion control solutions with soil bioengineering techniques, stream and wetland restoration and natural gardening. We design with an understanding of ecological functions and aesthetic values of natural systems, and the desire to crate self-sustaining systems that benefit both the public and fish/wildlife.

Habitat Design, Demonstration & Learning Garden: Leslie Campbell

(503) 358-8142

Our partners at Habitat Design seek to supply the tools that folks have requested and need in order to interact and connect safely and healthily with their land. Whether small or large, design and build, or just hands on learning, we would like to help you connect with the wonder of nature. Our demonstration garden on ½ acre in southwest Portland enables you to come to learn about how to create healthy and affordable outdoor environments and care for them. We are practicing members of Tilth, Xerces Invertebrate Conservation, Audubon, and the American Horticultural Therapy Association who teach and practice restorative therapies and design wildlife gardens. We believe that the ‘Wild’ includes you.

Ninebark: Heather Buley

(503) 313-8565

Heather offers garden design and consultation, as well as hands-on garden coaching including habitat-friendly maintenance techniques. Emphasis on sustainable low-maintenance design and year-round beauty, using a blend of locally native and regionally adapted drought-tolerant ornamental plants. Helping the urban gardener create livable spaces for all– from naturescaping for wildlife, to edible landscapes, to dog-friendly gardens; consultation and design assistance for gardeners at any stage.

OLIVINE Land: Marina Wynton

(503) 481-2721

Specializing in capturing a sense of place through sustainabe design, Marina has been collaborating with clients for 13 years to create inspiring and unique garden spaces.

Patty Freeman Design: Patty Freeman

(503) 442-5173

Patty Freeman is a licensed landscape architect with over 20 years of experience designing ecologically sustainable landscapes. Her craft includes an eye to practical, helpful solutions, stormwater management, adding whimsy, creating unique spaces for play, and bringing art to the garden. She works with a goal to balance the beauty, habitat value, cost and maintenance requirements of each garde project, tailoring design to the unique places and individuals.

Plan-it Earth Design: Amy Whitworth

(503) 239-0105

Landscape Layouts for Living while Protecting the Planet. For over 20 years we have worked collaboratively with clients to create inspiring and unique urban spaces. Specializing in rain gardens, low maintenance and water efficient landscapes that focus on native plantings to enhance habitat value while building soil health. Offering garden coaching to DIY gardeners or master plans suitable for installation by a licensed landscape contractor. Home of Design-on-the-Fly for the Homeowner on a Budget.

Resilience Design: Mulysa Melco

(503) 956-0152

Specializing in urban homesteads, designer and horticulturist Mulysa Melco brings a life-long passion for nature and ecological living to your project. With a focus on multi-purpose landscapes, she helps clients increase their self-sufficiency as our communities transition to lower energy consumption. Be the change you seek with a pesticide-free yard that integrates beauty and habitat with elements that support you: edible and medicinal plants, space for creative work/play, rest and gatherings.