Landscape Professionals

Are you considering hiring an arborist or landscape professional to design, install and/or maintain your backyard habitat? Use our Arborist and Landscape Professionals Directory! Each of these listed professionals understands our certification criteria, specializes in native landscaping, and will be an excellent resource for your project. As with hiring any professional, we recommend you research the individual’s focus areas and qualifications to find the best fit for your project.


Arborists and landscape professionals, would you like to be added to our Directory? If so, please contact us. We’ll send you information about when we’ll be hosting our next training, which take place each December.


Arborists are certified professionals trained in tree care, including planting, pruning, and removal. Some arborists have specialized training in creating wildlife habitat with trees.

Arboriculture International, LLC: Brian French

(503) 709-0439
Category(s): Arborist

Certified Arborist, Brian French matches his skilled practice in urban tree preservation and enhancement of wildlife habitat. Successful retention and specialized creation habitat snags for cavity dwelling species like chickadee, nuthatch, owls, northern flicker and woodpeckers are some of such services provided. You may find more information about these services and this cavity dwelling initiative at:

Oregon Tree Care: Damien Carré

(503) 929-9437
Category(s): Arborist

Oregon Tree Care represents the pinnacle in professional tree care. Our ISA Certified Arborists and consulting arborist team actively participates with industry organizations, staying abreast of the most current techniques and information. Oregon Tree Care was founded on the principle of preserving our natural environment through proper care and technique. We are devoted to the ecological impact and the aesthetic appeal that lush, healthy foliage brings to our everyday surroundings. We look forward to partnering with you on your Backyard Habitat Certification journey!

Sweaty Betty Tree Care, LLC: Elena Lauterbach

(503) 998-3145
Category(s): Arborist

ISA Certified Arborist and professional Tree Climber, Elena Lauterbach (aka Sweaty Betty) is pushing the new frontier of arboriculture arts and science by encouraging clients to allow her to prune their trees in a manner that mimics wild nature, not sterilizes it. Of course, she is also an expert at ornamental pruning, orchard pruning and training young trees through structure pruning when appropriate; but what Elena truly loves about trees is their unrelenting will to live after injury, and even in death, their ability to provide a home for countless other species. Unless there is an imminent risk of failure, this arborist’s philosophy is to allow mature trees to grow in our urban forest for as long as possible, through a regular low maintenance pruning schedule, including retrenchment pruning, creating false cavities, and as a last resort, leaving standing spars for a truly exceptional wildlife backyard habitat. This is a smart alternative to the costly, labor intensive and often unnecessary practice of total tree removal. Call Sweaty Betty Tree Care today for an ecological approach to your tree care needs!

Treecology Inc: Damon Schrosk

(503) 804-7868
Category(s): Arborist

Treecology strives to create a world where trees, wildlife and humans live in harmony through the practice of arboriculture. Our team of ISA Board Certified Master Arborists and Certified Arborists, Restoration Ecologists and Landscape professionals are dedicated to the science and art of preserving trees, planting new ones and creating beautiful and sustainable landscapes. We can take your project, big or small, from design to construction to maintenance. We work in urban back yards and natural areas to create the habitat you want and the habitat they use. Treecology is fully licensed.


Landscape contractors provide bidding and construction services. Some contractors provide both design and construction. Contractors have varying types and degrees of technical knowledge. Some contractors provide a wide range of construction services, while some specialize in irrigation, earthwork, hardscape, or landscaping.

Amaranth Organic Gardening: Marc Willwerth

(503) 327-4871
Category(s): Contractor

Every Garden is an opportunity to reconnect with Nature. Gardens are a language we use to communicate directly with the natural world. Amaranth Organic Gardening provides for any or all of your Garden’s needs from design to construction and maintenance. We specialize in holistic approaches and attention to detail. Olcb #9014

Ash Creek Forest Management LLC: Olivia Morgan

(503) 624-0357
Category(s): Contractor

Founded and run by botanists, Ash Creek Forest Management creates and builds gardens that work for people and the planet. We are committed to the principle of “right plant, right place,” carefully considering the purpose of everything we put in the ground, and always prioritize locally-grown native plants. Our specialties are drought-tolerant gardens inspired by the natural habitats of the Pacific Northwest, invasive weed control, and habitat restoration. Ash Creek is a B-corp ecological restoration contractor dedicated to the recovery of Pacific Northwest habitats. Since 1997, we have restored and managed thousands of acres of wetlands, riparian forests and woodlands. We are committed to providing family-wage jobs and benefits to our entire team. By choosing Ash Creek, you support local businesses, your community, and habitat, now and into the future!


Blessing Landscapes: Jesse Brough

(503) 284-3557
Category(s): Design, Maintenance, and Install

Blessing Landscapes offers residential and commercial landscape design services, custom installations, outdoor lighting, irrigation and maintenance services in the greater Portland Area. Our team specializes in creating beautiful, sustainable, water-wise and low-maintenance landscape solutions that fit your lifestyle and budget. Our emphasis on customer service ensures that your project goes smoothly from initial consultation to completion. Our goal is to improve the quality of you life and make a positive environmental impact through your yard. Let us help you create a beautiful garden that is environmentally responsible and supports our urban wildlife.

Blossom: Todd Blossom

(503) 837 3557
Category(s): Design, Maintenance, and Install

Blossom has been designing and creating landscapes in Portland for 20 years. We specialize in ecological design, edible landscaping, permaculture design, and sustainable stormwater management. By working largely with native plants and plant communities, we create landscapes well adapted to your home here in the Willamette Valley bioregion. This means our landscapes are not only beautiful but thrive in Portland’s climate, support local wildlife populations, and require less care. After we bring your vision to life, our maintenance team can continue caring for your landscape. We offer design, installation and maintenance services for your landscape, as well as your home. Visit our website or get in touch today to schedule a free consultation!

Earth Ecology: Nick Lake

(503) 622-9256
Category(s): Design, Maintenance, and Contractor

Earth Ecology, LLC supports inspired land owners to design and craft holistic and resilient native and edible landscapes and large scale sacred land sculptures through personal earth stewardship coaching, holistic design, and artful installation. From broad acre regenerative agriculture to backyard habitat gardens, Earth Ecology strives to support the ripples of growth of healthy lands and healthy communities. WA # Earthel843j2

Ground Up Services: Craig De La Fe

(503) 774-8075
Category(s): Maintenance, Install, and Contractor

Operating from Milwaukie since 1997, we’ve strived for excellence in both Scheduled Maintenance and Landscape Installations. Whether you’re installing a few plants or revamping a whole property, we’d love to help turn your vision or design into reality. Licensed in all phases of Landscaping including irrigation: LCB # 9422

J. Walter Landscape and Irrigation: Jaylene J. Walter

(503) 283-2154
Category(s): Contractor

We are a woman-owned landscape and irrigation company in business since 1993 specializing in soil preparation and drainage issues. We are dedicated to nature’s beauty with sustainability in mind and in practice. Lic#8456

Native Plantscapes NW, LLC: Joni Elteto

(971) 226-4308
Category(s): Contractor

Our vision is to enhance and restore local ecosystems by growing plants native to the Willamette Valley and installing these in landscapes and restoration projects of all types and sizes. We offer professional landscape services to homeowners, restoration services to agencies, and have a wholesale native plant nursery.

Northwest Native Landscapes LLC: Dan’l Langer

(503) 351-6988
Category(s): Design, Maintenance, and Install

Northwest Native Landscapes is a family-owned, full-service landscape company operating in the Portland metro area. What began as a mission to make landscapes more sustainable has grown into a collaborative team environment that includes innovative designers, seasoned builders and experienced maintenance caretakers. Our project approach is unique because we understand landscapes from multiple perspectives: as a designer, builder and maintainer of these spaces. Some clients utilize just one aspect of our services, while others rely on us for all their landscape needs. Our ultimate goal is for you to use and enjoy your outdoor spaces as much as your indoor ones.

Pride & Joy Landscapes: Ann Rad

(503) 395-7880
Catagory (s): Consultation, Design & Installation Coaching

Pride & Joy Landscapes specializes in designing and creating beautiful and sustainable spaces to suit each individual’s needs. We emphasize permaculture methodologies, sustainable designs, native plants and biodiversity. Whether you want to overhaul your yard or create something completely new we’re here to help. With 20 years of experience in the field, we can help you create your own sanctuary from start to finish.

Sense of Place Permaculture, LLC: Nick Bezzerides

(971) 344-0810
Category(s): Contractor

Integrated solutions for natural resource conservation, wildlife habitat, food production, tree care, and household sustainability. Design, build, maintain. EcoBiz certified business, ISA Certified Arborist (#MW4383A), and licensed Oregon Landscape Contractor (LCB#8795).

Terraccord Landscapes: John Movius

(503) 877-3412
Category(s): Contractor

Terraccord specializes in water-wise lawn alternatives that are anchored in NW native plants: providing year-round color, as well as sustenance for local pollinators and wildlife. We pride ourselves on creative use of recycled materials and vibrant, multi-layered planting designs that incorporate at-risk and endangered plants. Project management, design/build, contracting, and maintenance services offered.  Lic# 9089.

The Green Seed LLC: Emily & Austin Booth

(503) 490-6340
Category(s): Design and Install

The Green Seed is small family owned sustainable landscape design+build company. They take an environmentally conscious approach to landscaping by utilizing techniques to create beautiful designs and gardens using drought tolerant plants, sustainable materials and they never use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. They are advocates of using native plants which are incorporated into every design. Emily has a background in art and multimedia design, so your plans will be unique and hand-drawn. Austin has a degree in natural resources from OSU and has worked a variety of jobs related to habitat restoration and native plant care. He has been a birder for nearly 20 years and is passionate about conservation of our native wildlife species. Together Emily and Austin’s training and experience makes The Green Seed uniquely qualified to create your backyard habitats.

Tranquilliscapes, LLC: Randy Haas

(360) 831-7905
Category(s): Contractor

Tranquilliscapes LLC is a full design-build landscape construction company. Whether large or small we we’ll do it all. We strive to give the customer a safe, tranquil place to escape the stress and worries of the world. By emphasizing the right plant/right place, using natives, and diversity of species in the landscape we create a space that both man and beast want to relax and call home.

Design + Maintenance

Landscape maintenance contractors may specialize in maintenance or may also provide construction or design services. Maintenance services normally provide mowing, weeding, pruning, weed control using varying methods, mulching, and irrigation adjustment and winterization.

Every Thing Gardens: Susan Johnson

(503) 329-7728
Category(s): Design and Maintenance

Every Thing Gardens, owned by Susan Johnson, is a landscape design and maintenance company. As a gardener, I understand the significance of creating natural, urban environments for birds, animals and insects utilizing native plants. As a designer, I offer consultation and design implementation based on your native plant palette, homeowner requirements and Backyard Habitat program guidelines. I provide garden maintenance, once your garden is installed, to ensure an ongoing, thriving environment for birds, animals and insects. I am an active OSU Master Gardener and certified permaculturist from Cascadia Permaculture Institute. My current fields of expertise include plant ID, soils, sustainable technology, and both hand rendered and computer landscape design at PCC Rock Creek in the Landscape Design and Technology programs.

Gaian Gardens: Raevyn Carney

(503) 347-4717
Category(s): Design and Maintenance

Gaian Gardens works with clients to create beautiful and functional gardens, specializing in small farm design and habitats, working with properties large and small, incorporating Permaculture, biodynamics and habitat design. Raevyn has a background in fine art, bringing that artistry to her designs, and has been gardening and farming for over 20 years. We’re also available for consultation, maintenance and garden restoration, and are located on the west side of Portland.

Radish Gardens: Lydia Cox

(503) 998-6182
Category(s): Design and Maintenance

If you believe that we’re happier, healthier, and more resilient when we’re connected to nature and our local food systems, you’re in the right place. Radish Gardens offers ecologically-based landscape design and land restoration planning; edible garden planning, installation, and coaching; and knowledgable pruning and landscape maintenance services. My work prioritizes creating habitat for birds and beneficial insects, incorporating edible plants/small-scale food production, using water wisely, supporting plant and soil health, and maximizing seasonal interest. Ready to get started? Let Radish Gardens help you achieve your garden goals!

Richard McCollom Yard Service, LLC.: Dick McCollom

(503) 709-7232
Category(s): Design and Maintenance

We are a small family company, father and son, with over 20 years of experience servicing SW Portland, Lake Oswego, Beaverton and Tigard. We have been involved with the Backyard Habitat Certification program for 10 years volunteering and assisting customers with certifications.  We provide attention to detail and excellent service, specializing in traditional and native yard maintenance.  We restore habitats, remove invasives, make appropriate plant selections and placement, and manage surface storm water. We are passionate about our work and creating beautiful, healthy landscapes and habitats that work for you.

Seed Garden Designs: Alissa Hartman

(503) 449-8178
Category(s): Design and Maintenance

Rooted in the principles of permaculture we combine empowering modern ideas with old world aesthetic. Our sustainable landscape designs bring to life your desires for your space, while meeting your budget and maintenance needs. We work with landscape contractors to remain part of the process from dream to reality. Alissa Hartman has been gardening professionally for 20 years, and has been the owner of Seed Garden Designs since 2006. She has extensive training in permaculture, herbal studies, and water reclamation to broaden her gardening practice, and degrees in fine arts and education. This unique background is the base of incorporating ecologically conscious, low-maintenance, edible, native, and wildlife attracting plants into landscapes that are gorgeous and functional. We believe a garden should grow with its stewards, and specialize in modifications to space for physical evolutions as well as on-site garden coaching. We create a unique landscape design plan for your space that best represents the goals of your household. We also maintain gardens with detailed care, ensuring a healthy thriving yard to connect with through all seasons.


An informal title used for individuals with a broad spectrum of abilities and backgrounds. These people may or may not have any formal training, but often will have taken a program at the community college level in landscape design and have lots of practical gardening experience. Most specialize in planting design, but this is not a rule.

Branch Out Landscape Design LLC: Sarah Lowles

(503) 708-5653
Category(s): Designer

Designer Sarah Lowles incorporates clients’ wants and needs into creative, carefully planned landscape designs specific to their sites. She draws on education in horticulture, design, sustainability and the latest trends in hardscapes, plants, rainwater management, and exterior décor to create a plan tailored for you. Branch Out encourages environmentally friendly practices and materials in its work to help clients beautify their gardens.

CPD Landscape: Caitilin Pope Daum

(503) 841-3642
Category(s): Designer

CPD Landscape works with clients to realize their vision of an outdoor space that is beautiful, functional, and intimately connected to its surrounding ecosystem. We are passionate about helping people enjoy an engaged relationship with the out of doors. By inviting nature into everyday human spaces, we enrich our own experience and contribute to the survival of the plant and animal communities around us. The designers at CPD Landscape are licensed landscape architects with project experience ranging from rural homesteads to urban back yards, multifamily developments, educational and corporate campuses, and public spaces. We enjoy the challenges of marrying individual needs with ecological caretaking.

Designing With Plants: Tahn Kehmeier

(503) 915-7364
Category(s): Designer

Tahn Kehmeier is a landscape designer for the Portland, Oregon area.  Her specialty is designing gardens that resonate with the environment for low cost and minimal maintenance. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from Portland State University and an Associate’s Degree in Landscape Technology/Design from Portland Community College.  Her previous landscape design work has been for the PCC Learning Gardens, residential designs for the Audubon Society Backyard Habitat program, edible gardens for the Horticultural Therapy Program, and community spaces for Portland’s Network for Oregon Affordable Housing.

Eden’s Gate Landscape Design: Stacey Stewart

(503) 858-2575
Category(s): Designer

Our gardens can preserve wildlife, sustain native plants, support surrounding ecosystems — and be beautiful and comfortable spaces. Supporting all of these objectives can be a difficult balance. Eden’s Gate Landscape Design can bring experience, creativity, and concern to help you. Let’s work together to build beautiful gardens that use less water, and support native pollinators, birds, and wildlife.

EIA Design: Catherine Trzybinski

(503) 756-5248
Category(s): Designer

We strive to connect clients to the natural environment and wildlife by designing inspirational, nourishing and biodiverse gardens. Our team offers knowledge and experience of certified Audubon Backyard Habitat garden development including native plants, soil health, stormwater design solutions and artful wildlife water features and installations. We can help you customize native vegetative layers and pollinator meadows for your unique needs. Our design services include consultation, small, partial and full landscape design plans, restorative and rejuvenating design options, and hands-on garden coaching for all including persons with disabilities, seniors and families with young children.

Evelyn’s Garden: Eve Hanlin

(360) 450-1015
Category(s): Designer

Eve Hanlin is a Clark County Master Gardener, Certified Permaculturalist, and lifelong plant nerd. She teaches that a successful landscape is not just about having pretty plants, but is about learning all elements to creating and caring for a sustainable, living landscape. She offers a flexible, interactive, and educational design process to meet your needs. Design services can be as simple plant recommendations, or as complex as detailed design maps. Computer generated and 3-dimensional imaging services are also available. Consultations and hands-on garden coaching teach techniques and can connect the do-it-yourself landscaper to needed information and resources. From a simple ornamental front yard, to a wildlife garden, to an edible-perennial wonderland, Eve is passionate about all areas of sustainable, natural, and low-maintenance landscape design. Learn more about her services at

Jan Main Garden Design: Jan Main
Category(s): Designer

Jan Main Design provides residential landscape design and consultation and our biggest thrill is helping our clients create custom outdoor spaces that make them come alive! With a clear understanding of the client’s vision and the unique characteristics of their site, we thoughtfully seek design solutions to ecologically and sustainably fulfill both. We focus on environmental efficiency by using permeable surfaces, creative repurposing of on-site materials, low water-use plants, native plants and those that attract pollinators.

MattyG Designs LLC: Matt Gonshorowski

(480) 205-6640
Category(s): Designer

MattyG Designs LLC, is a landscape design company lead by Matt Gonshorowski, a well known Landscape Designer with over 25 years of experience in the landscape field, including work with the National Park Service.  Matt has developed his company and designs to focus on the use of native plants and applies Permaculture principals in all aspects of his work.  He has a passion for designing with nature to create sustainable, low maintenance landscapes.  Matt is also involved with the Cedar Mill Elementary Green Team and is part of the Eco School Network, a local non profit, grassroots environmental awareness company.  MattyG Designs focuses on residential landscape work in the greater Portland/Vancouver area.

Patty Freeman Design: Patty Freeman

(503) 442-5173
Category(s): Designer

Patty Freeman is a licensed landscape architect with over 20 years of experience designing ecologically sustainable landscapes. Her craft includes an eye to practical, helpful solutions, stormwater management, adding whimsy, creating unique spaces for play, and bringing art to the garden. She works with a goal to balance the beauty, habitat value, cost and maintenance requirements of each garden project, tailoring design to the unique places and individuals.

Plan-it Earth Design: Amy Whitworth

(503) 239-0105
Category(s): Designer

Landscape Layouts for Living while Protecting the Planet. For over 20 years, we have worked collaboratively with clients to create inspiring and unique urban spaces. Specializing in rain gardens, low maintenance and water efficient landscapes that focus on native plantings to enhance habitat value while building soil health. Offering garden coaching to DIY gardeners or master plans suitable for installation by a licensed landscape contractor. Home of Design-on-the-Fly for the Homeowner on a Budget.

Rachel’s Landscape Design: Rachel Monteiro

(503) 475-7286
Category(s): Designer

Designing gardens that are beautiful year-round and inspire people to go outdoors is Rachel’s goal. Give your garden good bones, functionality and flow, while creating a haven for the critters you love. Rachel has decades of experience gardening with native and ornamental plants in Portland. Offering complete Landscape Plans or hourly on-site consults. Ecologically-minded with more than 5 years as an Eco-Biz certified designer. Also a member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers.

Resilience Design: Mulysa Melco

(503) 956-0152
Category(s): Designer

Specializing in urban homesteads, designer and horticulturist Mulysa Melco brings a life-long passion for nature and ecological living to your project. With a focus on multi-purpose landscapes, she helps clients increase their self-sufficiency as our communities transition to lower energy consumption. Be the change you seek with a pesticide-free yard that integrates beauty and habitat with elements that support you: edible and medicinal plants, space for creative work/play, rest and gatherings.

Second Nature Garden Design: Eileen Stark

(503) 467-8545
Category(s): Designer

Eileen is an ecological landscape designer/consultant, writer, naturalist, and author/photographer of “Real Gardens Grow Natives: Design, Plant, and Enjoy a Healthy Northwest Garden,” who cultivates compassion. She plans—or helps clients plan—unique and imaginative Pacific Northwest gardens that transform underused spaces into vibrant, ecologically functional wildlife gardens with year-round appeal. With native plant expertise and a background in biology/ecology, her designs help increase local biodiversity, minimize maintenance, and meet clients’ objectives. She is available for consultations, custom plans, or coaching to reach certification goals.