Native Plants

 Native plants are adapted to our climate and naturally resistant to pests and diseases. They require less maintenance and have additional stormwater and wildlife advantages. This program will help you select native plants that achieve your habitat objectives. We recommend planting areas of your yard with a majority (more than 50%) of locally native plants from the Portland Plant List if your goal is to get certified. Great resources for selecting locally native plants include:

Where Can I Find Native Plants?

Local Nurseries: We live in a region that is brimming with plant nurseries. But how can you choose a great nursery? We’re here to help! By partnering with local nurseries, we aim to improve the availability of locally native plants, stop the sale of noxious weeds, and get plants that are treated with toxic neonicotinoids off the shelves.

Use our handy, interactive map below to make smart nursery choices. Click on any nursery icon to learn more about its standards and practices.

Natives Seeds: Our region also has some seed producers that focus on native species. Here are some of them:


Other Local Plant Sales: Our region is rich with countless native plant sales each year. Check out each organization’s website for details.

Designing With Native Plants