Stormwater Management

When the rain washes over our roofs, driveways, and sidewalks, it picks up a variety of pollutants, such as pesticides, motor oil, metals, other chemicals. This polluted stormwater eventually drains into our rivers and streams, endangering water quality and making these waterways unhealthy for people, fish, and wildlife. Our program will help you identify stormwater strategies for your yard to better protect rivers and streams.

  • How to Depave is a guide for removing impervious surfaces in your yard. You’ll get a link upon submitting the form.
  • Use a raingarden to manage your roof water onsite – East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District.
  • Composting can be easy and offers many benefits, from helping your garden grow greener – for free.
  • Steep slopes can be at an increased risk of landslides when heavy winter rains saturate the soil.
  • Erosion occurs when soil detaches and moves downhill.
  • Leave the Leaves! Support pollinators and other invertebrates over the winter.