We launched a Backyard Habitat blog!

After more than 10 years, the Backyard Habitat team decided it was time to launch a blog, and we wanted to let you know about it!

If you’re wondering, “Why now?” or “Why a blog?”, those are both good questions.

In short, we want to provide even more resources and relevant opportunities to support people in their efforts to build habitat and felt a blog would be another beneficial format for doing so. We currently share updates on Facebook, send out quarterly e-newsletters (subscribe at the footer of this page), and link to the content in our Resource Library, all of which we will continue to do!

Many of our partners share information with us about upcoming events, learning opportunities, resources, and more. We typically post about these on our Facebook page and include them in our quarterly e-news. However, we recognize that many people don’t use Facebook or have overwhelming email inboxes. Thus, we wanted to create a space that people know they can come to learn about potential learning opportunities while also referring back to them at a later date. In short, we want you all to have a place you can go to readily and easily access both current and historical articles, learning opportunities, etc.

We look forward to sharing with you through the blog!

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