Grow a Habitat

A photo of of native and ornamental species.
Photo of a moss garden.
Photo of Janet explaining how this vegetated area is managing stormwater from the backside of her home.

Grow a Habitat

Join the thousands who are transforming their gardens!

“I’m experiencing a fairly dramatic increase in the number of species of birds and pollinators who frequent my garden, and this makes me think about how, if more people on a larger scale do what I’m doing on a small scale, we will be increasing the habitat throughout the Columbia River region. We’re all in this together!”

—Janet, Platinum Certified 2014

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Connected Properties Across Our Region

Interconnected Properties

Maps help tell the story of how more than 12,000+ properties are interconnected, creating a diverse web of habitats and wildlife corridors across our region, connecting parks and natural areas with urban and suburban greenspaces.

View the Backyard Certification Program Site Inventory (Nov 2023).

Bees need water too! Check out Robyn’s bug bath getting lots of use by native mason bees. Photo Credit – Nikkie West

Healthy ecosystems start at home.

Be part of the solution by supporting biodiversity in whatever space to which you have access.

By taking small steps in your yard or outdoor space, you can contribute to a growing movement of people who are determined to make a positive impact for a healthier planet. Become an essential part of the solution, promoting native plants and wildlife, supporting pollinator populations, managing rainwater effectively, and fostering a deeper connection with nature in your community.

Get Started

Habitats know no boundaries

We aim to inspire the creation of backyard habitats everywhere. Even if you’re not able to receive a site visit because you live in an apartment, live outside our service area, or your property is over 1 acre, we invite you to be part of the movement. We share the following resources with everyone. Together we can all have a positive impact on the ecosystem.

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Our state bird – singing his Meadowlark-heart out! Photo Credit – Jim Cruce