2023 Certifications and Upgrades

Categories: Certifications

At Backyard Habitats, we not only provide incentives and knowledge to program participants working toward creating wildlife habitats, but we also enjoy recognizing and celebrating all those who met the thresholds of Silver, Gold, and Platinum certifications.

On our Facebook page, we often share posts of our participants getting certified. Those posts share details about each certified participant and their habitat. The list below is a compilation of all the people who got certified or upgraded to a higher certification level so far this year. We will update the list infrequently throughout the year.

Last updated: March 22nd, 2023

Light gray round medallion with the words "Silver Certified."

Burke Strobel
Dana Schwartz
Dayna Tracy
Deirdre McAteer Gee
Gaylen Beatty
Gregory Bishop
Jessica Cornella
Jordan Ringo
Katharine Cahn
Lyndsey Romick
Mary Martin
Peter Condra
Simon Taylor
Susan Robertson
Timothy Peck

Yellow round medallion with the words "Gold Certified."

Brenna Davis
Christopher Hynes
Dana Yanoch
Diana Garrett
Erika Probst
Hilary Nally
Jeff Winkler
Julia Maglione
Karen Garmire
Khang Nguyen
Leslie Rossmell
Lisa Albert
Lori Shumway
Morgan Gwynn
Ruth Costantini
Ryan Sabo
Scott Holland
Shannan Troyer
Silke Kleinhenz
Stacey Krish
Tracey Dulin

Dark gray round medallion with the words "PlatinumCertified."

Amy Stout
Ed Rosney
Michaeleen McNerney