Sweaty Betty Tree Care, LLC: Elena Lauterbach


(503) 998-3145
Category(s): Arborist
Servicing: Multnomah and Clackamas Counties

ISA Certified Arborist and professional Tree Climber, Elena Lauterbach (aka Sweaty Betty) is pushing the new frontier of arboriculture arts and science by encouraging clients to allow her to prune their trees in a manner that mimics wild nature, not sterilizes it. Of course, she is also an expert at ornamental pruning, orchard pruning and training young trees through structure pruning; but what Elena truly loves about trees is their unrelenting will to live after injury, and even in death, their ability to provide a home for countless other species. Unless there is a hazardous risk of failure, this arborist’s philosophy is to allow mature trees to grow in our urban forest for as long as possible, through a regular low maintenance pruning schedule, including retrenchment pruning, creating false cavities, and as a last resort, leaving standing spars for a truly exceptional wildlife backyard habitat feature. This is a smart alternative to the costly, destructive, and often unnecessary practice of total tree removal. Call Sweaty Betty Tree Care today for an ecological approach to your tree care needs!