A bunch of red berries hanging from a branch.

Native Plant Highlight: Oval-leaved Viburnum

By Anne Ternes / August 24, 2023

Attracting pollinators and pest-eating insects, supporting over thirty species of butterflies, providing food and shelter for birds and mammals, our native viburnum does it all.

A white flower on a branch with green leaves.

Native Plant Highlight: Suksdorf’s Hawthorn

By Anne Ternes / August 24, 2023

Suksdorf’s hawthorn is an overstory tree that supports hundreds of species, looks good while doing it, and has a great name.

Ferns growing along a path in the woods.

Native Plant Highlight: Lady Fern

By Anne Ternes / August 24, 2023

Lady fern is a tall, broad-leaved fern that grows in the forests and riparian areas of the Pacific Northwest. Lady fern’s spring growth provides food for many insects and snails, while the leaves provide shelter for birds and mammals in the summer and fall.

Dangling white flowers on a green leaf.

Native Plant Highlight: Drops of Gold

By Anne Ternes / August 24, 2023

Drops of gold and Hooker’s fairy bells are apt names for this lily that grows in the shade of trees, often surrounded by water.

A tree with green leaves and flowers.

Native Plant Highlight: Oregon Ash

By Anne Ternes / August 24, 2023

Oregon ash is a wetland wonder, stabilizing soils, protecting water, housing caterpillars, butterflies, and birds, and providing debris for aquatic habitat.

A grass inflorescence in a person's hand.

Native Plant Highlight: Blue Wildrye

By Anne Ternes / August 24, 2023

Want ornamental grass in your landscape? Wish you could encourage more ground-nesting birds? Just want to know more about native grasses? Come check out our new post, all about blue wildrye.