Living With Wildlife


A close-up of a small Water Shrew with brown fur standing on a wooden surface, looking to the side with its snout pointed upwards.

Backyard Biodiversity: The Hidden World of the Pacific Water Shrew

By Mariah Jiang / March 22, 2024

Written By: Daniel Krumm While upon first glance it may be a relatively non-descript small gray mammal, the Pacific water shrew is a rare gem in Northwestern ecosystems, and possesses…

A person taking a picture of flowers with a smartphone.

Garden ID Resources

By JP Marchetti-Mendez / August 13, 2021

People often ask us to identify wildlife, plants, and pests. Although we are happy to help, there are currently many free resources that do an excellent job at that. These are some that our program participants may find useful.

Birds perched on a branch.

Caring for plants, animals, and each other during extreme heat

By Megan Van de Mark / August 12, 2021

As extreme heat and extended periods of drought become more frequent in our region, we wanted to share some tips on how to care for plants, animals, and each other during extreme heat.

Yellow flowers on green background.

Make your outdoor space welcoming for birds and beneficial insects

By Megan Van de Mark / March 9, 2021

Here are tips from our Wildlife Care Center and Backyard Habitat Certification Program (a collaboration with Columbia Land Trust) on steps you can take to make your outdoor space more welcoming and safe for birds and beneficial insects.