Since moving from LA to Portland in 2020, Griffin has cultivated a passion to inspire community through building climate change resilient landscapes that provide abundance in food and habitat. With a music and permaculture design background, he enjoys finding creative holistic solutions to live in harmony with the natural world. Griffin is a landscape designer and frequent volunteer in various parks, farms, and organizations (Marquam nature park, Forest Park, Rose City Park). In February 2021, Griffin began studying permaculture design through OSU’s Permaculture Design certificate course followed by an internship at Playa Viva, a regenerative eco resort based near Zihuatanejo, Mexico. There, he learned that limitations can spark innovation when we step back and observe what nature has already provided. This experience has further driven Griffin to help provide lower income communities access and tools needed to live a more abundant and regenerative life. In his free time, you may see Griffin trail running through forest park, or strolling through at a snail’s pace studying plants and shooting film with his trusty old Canon AE1 camera.