Meet JP, our dedicated Program Coordinator. With a BA in Business Administration and a decade of experience as an office manager in the healthcare industry, JP brings a unique blend of skills to the program. After moving to Portland and switching careers to work closely with nature, JP joined the program in 2017 and has been instrumental in its success.

JP is not just an employee but a passionate advocate for sustainable gardening. With a knack for databases and technology, JP ensures the smooth operation of the program. He maintains a healthy work-life balance with a simple reminder: “It’s just gardening, not heart transplants!”

As a Latino immigrant, JP’s journey to the Backyard Habitat Certification Program has been unique. From container-gardening with his mom as a child to immigrating alone at the age of 20, JP’s experiences have shaped both his personal and professional lives to make the world a better place, often one yard at a time.