Kate comes to the Backyard Habitat program as a personal learner of permaculture, the patterns and relationships of the native humans and non-humans who live here, land stewardship and farming, and mental health care. Kate has always lived in what is now called Oregon and has a deep affinity with the places and biomes that make this place special. Recently they have begun a deep exploration of their own settler colonial worldview, and the impacts of this worldview on the humans and non-humans that call this place home for thousands and millions of years. They weave this process into their work at Backyard Habitat to learn alongside other non-native humans to deepen our care for the place we love and build new practices to engage with our fellow beings. Kate currently is a farmer, landscaper, and mental health therapist. They are passionate about water resiliency and waterbody creation, forest advocacy, wetland ecology, decolonization, and climate resilience. They are always excited to have conversations about these topics, so feel free to ask.