Rachael Pecore-Valdez is an environmental scientist, educator and writer who began learning about Pacific NW plants as a child growing up on Two Rivers Farm in Aurora, Oregon. Her favorite plants are edible. After earning a B.S. in BioResource Research at OSU and an M.S. in Holistic Science from Schumacher College, Rachael worked for nonprofits leading programs in community science, clean water, nature connection and Science-Tech-Engineering-Arts-Math education. She also produced the Wolf OR-7 Expedition, a documentary film about the people along an Oregon wolf’s dispersal route. Work in habitat restoration brought her passions for wildlife, rivers and trees together, it took her about 5 years but her yard is now gold certified! As a kid with sensory processing sensitivities Rachael found solace in nature early on and still does. She enjoys spending time in trees and is working toward an arboriculture certificate. Her current focus is on oak habitat and finding homes for baby oak trees that sprout up in her yard!