Open Gardens Project – Featuring Wayne & Patricia’s Habitat

Site Information: Wayne and Patricia’s habitat in Woodstock has full sun to full shade and dry soil conditions

What inspired you to enroll in the Backyard Habitat Certification Program?

We wanted to have a positive impact on the environment.

How would you describe your habitat?

Mostly native with decorative flowers mixed in.

California poppy, Oregon Iris, etc.

What are your top three favorite native plants and why do you love them?

  • Fireweed
  • Meadowfoam (native to Oregon)
  • Red flowering currant

We love them because they all have spectacular flowers.

Red flowering currant
Fireweed (in front)

What changes have you observed as a result of creating habitat?

Definitely more birds, especially in the winter. When we’re out in our side yard working, people walking by often comment how much they love our garden. The native shrubs have provided wonderful protective shade against our fence line.

What were the two most significant challenges you encountered while creating habitat, and how did you address them?

The number one culprit in our neighborhood has been tree of heaven. Luckily, we’ve made an impact with asking several neighbors to remove their very large trees of heaven. And we keep up on the cycles of noxious weed removal and have successfully kept them at bay.

Henderson’s shooting star

What resources did you find especially helpful?

The Soil and Water Conservation District’s workshops–we took all of them. Reading, talking with others, and our own hands-on trial and error have all been helpful.

Douglas spirea & Red columbine

How do you enjoy your Backyard Habitat throughout the different seasons? What are its highlights in each season?

We love the flowers that bloom in the spring, we love the vine maple leaves turning color in the fall, we love the fireweed in the summer, and we’re working towards more winter interest.

Mock orange

What part of your backyard habitat are you most proud of?

We created a berm that is almost all natives. It’s very visible to people walking by.

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